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Coalition with growing support: CoARA exceeds 500 member organisations

Inaugurated in December 2022, only a half year later CoARA counts 500 organisations member of the coalition. It is a remarkable achievement and given the rapid growth in support of CoARA this underscores the relevance of the mission in systematically reforming research assessment.  

The Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment (CoARA) is pleased to announce the coalition’s membership is evolving rapidly with now exceeding the threshold of 500 member organisations. CoARA Steering Bord Chair Prof. Rianne Letschert on the coalition’s membership development: “Significant first headway has been made with the membership growth exceeding the 500 organisations threshold. It confirms CoARA’s mission is resonating with the research community and the reform of research assessment is well underway. Coalition members share the core belief that there is a pressing need to reform the existing ways in which research is assessed and seek CoARA’s membership in actively shaping the future of research assessment.”

There is growing backing within the research community for the need of action in enabling systemic reform of research assessment on the basis of common principles and commitments. All those organisations who are joining the coalition as a member are willing to improve research assessment practices through the exchange of information on research assessment and mutual learning.

Source: Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment 13/06/2023

Systemic reform, a global endeavour

Continuing with the growth of CoARA, it is the coalition’s ambition to expand globally. This expansion on a global scale is imperative to achieve the systematic change of research assessment the coalition is targeting.

So far, the coalition aggregates member organisations from 44 countries. It is the ambition to count at least one CoARA member on each continent by the end of 2023.

Steering Bord Chair Prof. Rianne Letschert on the envisaged global outreach of CoARA: “The coalition’s ambition is to expand with the intention to diversify CoARA’s membership across continents and fostering partnerships that share the vision of research assessment is conducted in a way that recognises a full breadth of contributions, always with the goal of highest quality and impactful research in mind.”


Source: Coalition for Advancing Research Assessment 13/06/2023

Actualising a shared vision

Coalition members are sharing the vision of assessment of research, researchers and research organisations recognising the diverse outputs, practices, and activities with the effect of maximising quality and impact of research as a whole. For actualising this shared vision, CoARA members are joining a community, commit to resource, review, update, and report on reforming research assessment practices, while following a timeframe for change. Forging working groups under the CoARA framework is central, as these are communities of practice, proposed bottom-up by members, stimulating knowledge exchange, and their outputs support the implementation of the members’ commitments, therefore advancing research assessment.


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Find the press release for download here: Coalition with growing support: CoARA exceeds 500 member organisations