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Call for additional secretariat support

In line with the announcement made at the CoARA Constitutive Assembly meeting, and following the first CoARA Steering Board meeting held on Friday 16 December,  ESF Science Connect and the CoARA Steering Board are opening a call for additional secretariat support. This call has for main objectives to bring additional insight and to strengthen the operational capacity to support the coalition.

The Steering Board is responsible for the overall oversight, strategy, work plan and sustainability of the CoARA. The Steering Board of CoARA provides the environment to support the participation of the member organisations, the work of the Working Groups and General Assembly of Members. It ensures that the organisational perspective remains focused on the longer term aims and vision of the CoARA. It  supports the administrative, managerial, logistical, communication, engagement, networking, outreach, leadership and other activities of the CoARA, with corresponding competencies.

CoARA is a large coalition gathering 399 organisations from 33 countries. On 1st December 2022, the CoARA Constitutive Assembly appointed ESF Science Connect to host and coordinate the Coalition’s secretariat.

Considering the broad variety of members and topics to be addressed, it makes sense to widen the operational support to include organisations bringing insight and knowledge of their own institutional and/or geographical setting(s) (and the capacity to link with them). Mobilising additional (in kind) resources will also allow to strengthen the operational capacity to support the Coalition, its governance, and Working Groups.
ESF Science Connect is therefore calling for organisations volunteering to provide support the setting up and operations of the Coalition’s secretariat.

The deadline of this call is 19 January at 16.00 CET. It is open to CoARA members as well as (validated and to be validated) signatories to the Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment. You’ll find here the call for volunteers text and details.